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Singapore Singapore


So New York New York is not the only town so nice they named it twice... there's also Singapore Singapore! I presented a paper at the 2010 International Communications Association conference there. I would describe it as a kinder, gentler Hong Kong where tolerance, civility and quality of life crimes are enforced by martial caning.


The first thing that caught my eye was this crazy-ass building that was built to look like three sail-shaped buildings supporting another building shaped like a boat. Of course, it's a casino! It opened for business while I was there, and I learned that you could go to the boat on top for about $40 and get a good look at the city. I also learned that, in an effort to stem gambling problems among the local populace, Singapore residents had to pay a $200 entrance fee to get into the casino. This fee is waived for foreigners. Sort of like an inverse of the Opium trade in Brit-controlled China. Perhaps the Singaporeans are getting even with us.

Oh look! It's the London Eye....NOT
It's the Singapore Flyer

Singapore seen through the London Eye
I mean the Singapore Flyer

Singapore through the Singapore Flyer

The Boat at Night
The front tip is facing us on the left.

And the answer is: Boyzillian
What is: which word on this poster describes everything you need to know about "upsizing?"

And the answer is: RoboCup!
What is which other prestigious event does the world's top academic conference for communication share the Singapore Convention Center with?

So what sent me to Singapore, you say?
Note the box full of candies on the lower left.
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