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atkins diet

Social Media Webinar and Other Updates

I just concluded a Webinar on Social Media for New York Women Leaders in Higher Education for the New York State Network for Women Leaders in Higher Education. I presented a strategy talk to about 40 people via my computer and a system called Elluminate. The audience members could see me through a video window generated by the i-Sight camera built into my MacBook and hear me through the microphone that was built in to my MacBook. I gave a PowerPoint presentation that I interrupted from time to time as I demonstrated some of the features of FaceBook and Twitter on my computer, which the audience could also see. The audience primarily interacted with me via a chat room.

The whole presentation took about an hour. Afterwards the organizers told me that it seemed to be successful. It was a little odd for me, however, because I did not have any audio feedback from the audience while I was giving the presentation. We made a decision to mute everyone's microphone so that we would not get the bad kind of technical feedback, which would have made it hard to hear. This was the right decision, but it was still odd. At one point I looked at the clock, and noticed that I had been babbling on for 40 minutes! Still, it seemed to go over well. It's a really interesting platform.

In other news...

* I was awarded a Penn Humanities Forum Mellon Regional Faculty Fellowship for the 2010-2011 academic year. That means I get to attend a research collquium every Tuesday at Penn (where lunch is served), and give a presentation on my research into how digital journalism increasingly shares some characteristics with video games, and how this development impacts the libertarian values of the press. It also comes with a small stipend. Yay!

* I was also awarded a Summer Research Award from Temple. This is money the university makes available to tenure-track assistant professors so that they do not have to teach in the summer months, but rather can focus on research. I am working on a comparison of international audio slide shows as part of this research. This money will mostly fund my conference travel to Singapore for ICA and Portugal for IAMCR this summer, so double yay!

* Gardening time is here! I am expanding the garden, with help from lxbean, daphnep and kemidra. We will probably start to plant things around the first of April.

* I have been making a LOST supper every Tuesday night for me, Adrena and Tina, the lost fanatics of West Philadelphia. If you are in the neighborhood on Tuesday night and you like LOST, feel free to stop by.

[Edit @ 1:20pm] - I forgot to add, one of my beloved LOST podcasters was kind enough to make me a "Fellow" of the Black Rock LOST Podcast after he saw my announcement about the Penn Humanities Fellowship on FaceBook. Social media rocks!


Congrat on your successes!! We started some seeds in pods and we hope some seedling.
Thanks for the note! Post some photos of your garden. This is just the second year ever that I have done this, with the help of my friends of course, and I am still making it up as I go along.
lol - thanks for the note! I'm glad the clothes came in handy. I have been following Julie's style blogs, but have been too swamped to do or say anything about it.

I am just crashing right now. The last week has been so intense that I spent most of the day after the Webinar curled up in bed with the cats. I finally got up and got some peanut butter and orange juice (of all things) and feel better. But I am staying in tonight.

It looks like Saturday will be nice. I am going to try to go back out to the garden if you want to come by.
atkins diet

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