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atkins diet

What I'm Eating in Asia


I just arrived in Singapore after spending a week in Beijing. The Chinese authorities block LiveJournal, FaceBook and Twitter, so I have not had access before now. But I have plenty of photos! Beijing seems to be a lot cleaner than it was when I last visited in 2005. The air and streets are cleaner, and there is more green thanks to the 2008 Olympics. When I took the taxi from the airport into Beijing I was amazed that I could smell - the delightful smell of tasty Chinese cooking, not pollution. So here is some of what I have been eating in Asia. WARNING: None of these dishes are vegetarian, although a couple claim to be.

The first is Mongolian Hot Pot, the most wonderful thing on earth. A spicy broth is prepared in a large brass cooker and brought to a roiling boil. You then dip raw vegetables, meats, tofu, you name it - into the broth and cook it for a couple of minutes. You then pluck your cooked food out of the vat (carefully, with chopsticks) and dip it into a sauce - usually a soy-peanut concoction. Then you eat it. Delicious!


The best way to eat hot pot is on a very hot day, with very spicy broth, washed down with a cold beer. There is something heavenly about sweating inside and out along with the boiling vat. Maybe I will buy an electric hot pot for July 4, but as you can see it's not as exciting as a firey brass cauldron.

Fried Scorpions
Wangfujing Night Market


OK, OK, so I didn't actually *eat* the scorpions. Especially since they were squirming while impaled on the kebab stick - all the little legs wriggling in protest, a movement I could not capture with a still camera.

Little Steamed Buns

Pork-filled steamed buns are a breakfast staple throughout much of China. They are always freshly made. Dip them in a little vinegar and chili sauce - delicious!

"Vegetarian" Noodles
Wangfujing Gourmet Street

This is more typical of what I have been eating - noodles with vegetables and beer. Noodles in Asia are very different from the noodles we get at Chinese restaurants in the U.S., where they tend to over-sauce and over-oil the noodles. Here they are quickly and lightly stir-fried in the wok. Unfortunately, the concept of "vegetarian" often means that the dish contains vegetables. Fish sauce, beef broth and even strips of meat are often included.

Singapore is much more vegetarian friendly. My hotel is in the middle of the Little India district, and last night after I arrived I went out for a quick bite that I could take back to my room before sleeping like the dead, and I found - *two* vegetarian take out places right next door.


Oh, fun! More! More!
Oh! A coworker's son is doing a poster presentation at the conference. Last name Tollison, out of UT Austin. He's never met me, I have no further information, but hey, it's an overlap.
Hey I'll take a look for him.
He might not make it. He got bumped from the first flight from Chicago because of headwinds. They had to put more fuel in the plan and had to take people off to balance the weight. The next day, the plane got 2.5 hours out, announced they were having oxygen problems that should have been fixed last week, and turned around and went back. His presentation was supposed to be 8 a.m. Thursday morning. He may skip China and go straight to his presentation in Australia.

Meanwhile, his luggage is having an exciting time SOMEWHERE in China.
My god! What devil spawn airline did he book on? Let me never ever fly them! And what are they doing - trying to fly a prop job across the Pacific?
Hmmm. LJ was blocked 4 years ago for about 1 year and has never been blocked again. I've been posting and reading no problem for all this time.

Oh... Mongolian Huoguo. Oh..
I couldn't get LJ from my hotel in Beijing. Nor FB nor Twitter. I was able to get FB in the Hong Kong airport tho...

Are you in Beijing? I thought you were in Guangzhou... I'll eat some more hua guo for you!
Oh yes, hotel sysadmins have their own understanding of what is appropriate for a 'decent tenant'. But generally speaking, LJ is unbanned all over China.

If I was in BJ I wouldn't be drooling for a good huoguo :) You're right I'm down south in GZ. So please do!
I wonder if, like so much in China, it depends where you are (re blocked and unblocked internet sites). A friend of mine lived in Beijing for several years and LJ has been blocked for her since about 2007.

Btw, great pics Susan! I want to go back to China again. :)
I wouldn't say so because technically speaking, there is only one inet provider in China - China Telecom. All the rest are mere resellers. You normally subscribe to the provider whose promo leaflet attracts you more on the wall of your lift or under your wipers. At the same time you can choose to go directly to China Telecom and sign up with them. They don't care to throw leaflets around, this is the only difference.

If you sign up directly, perhaps you will get the same speed and bandwidth and see little or no difference at all in whatever extra services (cable channels and alike).

BUT - here is the point - the Big Brother tells China Telecom what sites to block, so the telecom guys do. They never block more than they are explicitly told to. The resellers sometimes "tuo kuzi fang pi" - drop their pants to fart - show extra precaution, and block more than the Big Brother asks. Just in case. This is it.
I love how sayings about the Chinese bureaucracy so often references farting.
You must go back to China soon! Huo guo is waiting for you!
I want huo guo NOW, dammit. *sigh* My sandwiches for lunch just aren't as exciting!

Interesting photos. Thank you for posting them. Sounds like an interesting trips. I look forward to hearing more about it.
Thanks moll_na_gig! I hope you and Beckett and Patrick are doing well. ;-)

We are doing all right. Beckett is doing well. Beckett doesn’t like the heat. We are experiencing some high temperatures here lately.

I hope you and Elmo and Clarence are doing well also. It sounds like your trip has been an interesting one.

Happy birthday

I was moll_na_gig but I had to make a new page. I just wanted to wish a Happy Birthday!!
atkins diet

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